About Gracie

When a passion is so strong, I am so curious about how that special piece is made.  

I have always been creative and a daydreamer.

My name is Gracie Martinez and I am the designer of Earth Sage Jewelry.  I design jewelry that becomes your everyday talisman to remind you that you are loved, protected, and to appreciate the beauty of our earth.  Each piece is handmade to reflect your own individuality and independence.

I believe the beauty of the symbol and gemstone you choose enhances the unique beauty inside you.

This is why I begin my design process with a symbol and next the gemstone that enhances its power. I believe whatever piece you feel drawn to is the one that contains the properties you need most in your life right now.

I am originally from Southern California and moved to Las Vegas in 1995 to perform in JUBILEE!.  After my dance career I fell in love with Pilates and currently own The Pilates Studio Las Vegas.  My passion has always been in some form of art whether it was performance, pilates, or design.  My design approach is similar to how I sequence my pilates classes.  I start with my clients in the class, then choose the songs, and finally incorporate the movements.

When designing jewelry I start with the gemstone and the emotion I want to be tied to the piece whether it's a necklace, ring, or bracelet.  Then I decide what materials and design elements I need to use to bring that feeling.

 I started making jewelry in 2010 with simple beaded and wrap bracelets. In 2016 I took  a silver smithing class and fell in love with metal work. Soon after I started noticing jewelry with an earthy quality that really spoke to me and started Electroforming. My passion to learn more about jewelry techniques lead me to wax carving. Now I have my full casting workshop set up in my home studio. Wax casting is a technique that can be traced back to the Egyptians. The possibilities are limitless and so is my passion to create dreamy jewelry with gemstones and symbols of love, hope, and inspiration.

I create each piece by hand in my home studio. From wax, to investing, casting, grinding, soldering, and polishing, I meticulously craft each piece. Most of my jewelry is One Of A Kind, but I also make molds to re-create my charms and cuffs.  If you don't feel a piece speaking to you, I offer custom design work to fully capture the essence of your free spirit.

Humanity has gone through a profound experience in the last 15 months. This has been the inspiration for my three new collections. Talisman for protection and love, Secret Garden for serenity, and Earth Stone to appreciate our beautiful planet.

Browse the collection here to discover what speaks to you.




P.S.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or custom design requests.