Starburst Black Opal Earrings

Earth Sage Jewelry

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Starburst Black Opal Earrings

Talisman Collection

Just like the stars in the universe, these opals burst with mysterious colors created by our sacred earth.

The crown of creation. The black noble opal is a powerful, strong gemstone. The black opal is rare and one of the most popular jewelry and healing stones ever. This healing stone exudes pride and great willpower. Who owns him, the black opal, may be truly happy, because with proper care and cleverly executed rituals opens this precious opal soon the gateway to paradise.

Just like the white opal, the black opal can cure illnesses, relieve pain and foster fantastic joie de vivre. Despite its blackness, the black opal stands for the good. He is the caring servant of man. Endowed with great care, it transforms rain into sunshine, tolerates the cold in the hearts of angry people and increasingly creates peace on earth. Cast in brass with gold filled wire. Ready to ship.

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